Monday, July 31, 2006

Capricornian gothic

Ahh Rockhampton, town of my youth.
Beef Cattle Capital of Australia, my suburban gothic obsession began with you. The town where the local serial killer mistakenly confessed to the murder of a teenager who had actually just been hiding out in her boyfriends bedroom for four years.
Where i actually felt safer with my friends brother who spent time in jail for attempted murder, than with one of his Prison guards who sexually assaulted me as 14 yo. dropping me home from youth group.

I spent a long time hating the place and left at 16 to go to Uni, but now, many years later, find myself strangley affectionate to this cattle mad town. I even collect, and paint, bulls. Maybe its cathartic.

I found this catalogue for Fairy Springs Semen Catalogue at the Brahman Breeders Association last month. I should send it in to Rove. The transcipt inside is just as me!

( the way Hi ya to the lovely Kirsten Livermore - Capricornia's Federal MP, big sister of my childhood best-friend, and former UQ Union Faculty Rep collegue circa 1991 ! Go girl.)
*note to trainspotters: Kirsten grew up in Mackay not Rockhampton. I actually spent my first 10 years in that beautiful town before the parents moved to Rock-vegas


Graham Bell said...

Found your very good blog through your Larvatus Prodeo link. Your political portraits are wonderful and they make more sense than do political spin - if anyone is foolish enough to even think of sueing you, then let everyone in Australian blogosphere know immediately ....

Ah Rockhampton. Formerly a real powerhouse of the British Empire then turned, by a bunch of dills, into an economic and social backwater for sixty years and now undergoing a revival as the international gateway to the Capricorn Coast and as the western suburb of Yeppoon. A great place for people with get-up-and-go: those who have it, did it; so you find ex-Rockhampton people on all sorts of interesting places and positions. :-)

the suburban gothic cowgirl said...

Aint that the truth!

Young Brisbane businessmen Mr Slattery of Pipe Networks and Mr Titman of Chalk Hotel immediately come to mind...:)

Anonymous said...

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