Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kitsch heaven - Frank Ze's Young Me / Now Me

Nothing i like better than a kitsch participatory internet craze.
The internet phenomenon Young Me / Now Me or Retro Photocopiers is such a groovy little idea, and sweet way to while away a Sunday afternoon in suburban Brisbane. My mum took this pic of me licking the beaters of her Sunbeam mixmaster in the orange kitchen of her beachside house in Mackay sometime in the early seventies. The Now Me pic above was taken by my 10 year son in the lounge of my suburban house in Brisbane Australia. The mash-up is courtesy of Bill Gates and technology unheard of when i was a wee thing.

If i could work out how, i would upload these pics to Ze Franks Colorwar2008 site,
but i'm too slack to work it out this afternoon. The other shots are so worth a peek, though.

Looking at the pics reminds me of a guy Ozoni11 (waving on the couch) who brought Bowie home to his Mum's house in 71. How awesome is this shot? 


Anonymous said...

bowie! wow! love bowie ... trying to figure out his vocal emphasis at present.
photo copy hey? intriguing.
you arty types get to do all sorts of whacky stuff, hey?
maybe these are the years of living vicarously

the sublime cowgirl said...

I love his velvet pants!

Anonymous said...

How did you do that? a friend from wanted to make a photo like this, but failed

the sublime cowgirl said...

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