Friday, September 08, 2006

Get thee behind me, Santa I've been saved by Rev Billy

Or at least hold off for a bit. The ubiquitous Mr Claus, quite possibly the only celebrity more over-exposed than Paris Hilton atm, has already begun appearing at my local Coles supermarket. Holy baby Jesus, ...its barely September. Yesterday my partner and I couldn't resist the temptation to turn the rows of chocolate grinning santas inward so their little backs faced outwards; much to the delight of our 8 year old (and shame of our 10 y.o. who found our dodgy spot of culture jamming just 'like sooo embarressing').

If a crass commercial Christmas is your want, far be it from me to keep you from yourself, but surely its not too much to ask that we
wait until November at very least?

In the meantime the more sane amongst you might enjoy these subversive little culture jamming sites: Spelling mistakes cost lives, Get Saved from over consumption with Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping (make sure to listen to the audio!), and the Christmas cards I would send if i was the sort of person who sent Christmas cards, which i'm not, so just because you dont get one from me doesn't mean i dont love you. :) x the cowgirl


Anonymous said...

The clinic students and I loved this one Tarn - you rock so hard! Vendy said she will follow your example and turn the little sants'a around

the sublimely gothic cowgirl said...

right back atcha melstar!