Monday, October 09, 2006

Hot Goth Chicks

I'm back in the sunburnt country again, and will post another entry about my nz trip (including my short stay behind bars) in the next day or two. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to all you boys out there in cyberland who, according to my most recent site statistics, have been eagerly typing in the above search term and have found yourselves directed to Suburban Gothic instead.

While i hope there is a little more cerebral content in this site than you may have been expecting, i'd hate you to leave disappointed...


tigtog said...

Goodness. It all sounds quite adventuresome, TJ. Hope the bars weren't too nasty.

It's a shame your comment on the Corporate Paedophilia (oh, watch those search engines melt on this post now) post on LP got drowned out in the noise from Beck, you raised some good points. I hope you do a post on it after all.

the sublimely gothic cowgirl said...

Thanks Tigtog.
Not sure if i can articulate the issue any more than your post and LP's ensuing discussion, though!

(I did forward an email to a couple of 'influential' ppl nonetheless. ) need to worry, prison was fine..will elaborate shortly ;)
cheers tanja